When you come to church at JMPC on Sunday, you will see many people wearing buttons that say “Why JMPC”. It is both an invitation to ask a question and the beginning of an answer.

First the question: “Why do you attend JMPC?” It is a valid question. Why does someone attend our church? The question also impliedly asks, “Why should I attend JMPC?” Now we all know that the primary mission of every church is to proclaim the Gospel, right? But what makes JMPC unique? What does JMPC offer us and what do we offer JMPC? These questions are important because people who are both new visitors and longtime members alike want to be a part of a community that stands for something, does important things and maybe … just maybe … changes lives. So, “Why JMPC” indeed.

So, what is the answer? Why do we attend JMPC? The answer is different for every age group, family and individual. Some have been here from the beginning and this is their church home. They are comfortable and content. Others are new. They tell us they are here because they feel like they have found a new church home, are welcomed and included. There are many variations between the two.

So, when you come Sunday, ask someone wearing a button. If you are wearing a button, have an answer!

And when you have these conversations, you will note, I believe, that no one will say it’s because of anything other than our mission to know, glorify and serve God. Which means excellent worship, Christian education for all ages and interests, friendly chatter at coffee hour and at other times, mission opportunities (locally, nationally and internationally) and chances to make a difference in the world, the community and individual lives.

And one more thing. We live in a busy world that often drains us. At JMPC, we offer an hour or two on Sundays and other times where you can just come and have a bit of peace.

We do all these things as nothing other than disciples of Jesus, living the Jesus way. Come and see. We worship at 8:30 and 11 every Sunday with Christian education, cookies and coffee in between. Why JMPC? Come and ask.